Sunday, February 7, 2010

Michael Kors Chic Pastel Watches

Okay, SavvyGirl is in LOVE with these gorgeous Michael Kors watches. 

I personally have never been one to switch out  my watch very often.  My watch is more like a  security blanket to me, I trust it and I need it.  Over the Christmas Holiday, I saw the movie, The Blindside with my family.  During the movie, there is scene where Sandra Bullock is putting on her watch -- I know it's crazy that I would pick out such a silly detail but I leaned over to my sister and said, I have to get that watch! She was wearing the most beautiful white ceramic watch.  So, as of lately, I have become obsessed with finding the perfect watch just like the one she wore in the movie.   

Everywhere you look these days, beautiful pastel watches are popping up in all kinds of stores, brands and styles. Michael Kors has a great sampling of what's out there, so get inspired and check out a hint of Spring to brighten up your wrist -- of course a cute SavvyGirl bracelet would be a the perfect add-on accessory!


Anonymous said...

sweet watches. I want one!